Gather. Sip. Paint. Laugh. Create. Repeat.



Raising money for your favorite non-profit organization is easy and fun for your supporters when you host a fundraising event with Hammer & Stain Riverview. Your supporters will have a blast while supporting your organization! 

We offer paint-at-home kits that come with everything needed to create a beautiful, custom sign in the safety of your home. The process is easy, the designs are custom, and everyone loves tapping into their creative side!

Here’s how it works:

There are no physical tickets to sell. We handle all payment transactions through our online registration system. Your supporters will sign up directly at our website where they can pick from our pre-selected project choices. There's nothing for you to do except pick a date!

Our goal for every fundraiser is at least 50 registrations which raises $750 for your organization! The cost is $45 for our single plank boards (28" x 6") with $15 per person going back to your organization. 

We suggest you book your fundraiser a minimum of 3 weeks in advance to allow adequate time to get the word out. We will advertise your fundraiser alongside our other events on social media outlets and in our VIP updates.

On the day selected, we will deliver the kits to your location and help coordinate pickup. It's as easy as your supporters driving up to the location, giving their name and handing them their kit! Then they're off to create at home when it's convenient for them! 

Once we've delivered to your location, we'll donate proceeds directly to the organization. You must provide us with evidence that you are authorized to collect donations for the organization you represent.  Fundraiser pickups may be for any day of the week and you can host as many as you want to! We'll be sure to make the designs fresh & new each time! 

If you're ready to pick your fundraiser date - CLICK HERE! 

We look forward to working with your organization!