Gather. Sip. Paint. Laugh. Create. Repeat.

About us

Here at Hammer & Stain, our intention is to build a community of creative individuals who come together as strangers and leave as friends! We strive to create memorable experiences through our creative and entertaining workshops while helping you every step of the way! We make it fun & easy for you to discover your inner artist! 

Our studio is unique in that we offer custom created designs with personalization available on almost all of them!  This along with our exceptional, personalized customer service sets us apart from the rest of the industry!

I'm Laurie, the owner of Hammer & Stain Riverview! I opened this DIY business in July of 2018 to build a community of DIY lovers and creatively inspire those who may feel like they aren't very artistic. 🎨

I am originally from Key West, 🌴 but I grew up overseas in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba on the Navy base. After graduation I joined the Navy to follow in my father's footsteps and served one tour in Puerto Rico. After that enlistment, I returned to Key West where I ultimately married and had two children. Lanie & Rocco are my amazing kiddos! Lanie is currently active duty Navy stationed in Groton, CT and Rocco is an upcoming Sophomore at Bell Creek Academy.

Many of you have had the pleasure to meet my kids at a workshop; we are a very close family and all 3 of us work closely together on our business. The kiddos are just as invested as I am and they're super proud of our family run business! Our favorite past-times are spending time at the beach, fishing, and creating. We love spending time with our family from Miami & North Tampa too!

So that's a little about us and who we are! We're really looking forward to getting back into workshops and meeting all the new makers who have recently followed our page, and reconnecting with our seasoned makers!!

         Owner, Hammer & Stain Riverview Laurie Diaz  Lanie with Hammer & Stain Riverview  Rocco with Hammer & Stain Riverview

THANK YOU for every single workshop seat filled, every Hammer @ Home kit purchased, every private party & fundraiser booked, every single like - comment - share, every shout out you’ve ever given us, and for every referral - THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY DREAM A REALITY